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Rules – Junior Section

Bye-Laws for Junior/Youth Associates – April 2012

General Playing Rights
All Junior/Youth Associates are eligible to play in the Junior competitions run by the Junior Committee throughout the year. Junior/Youth Associates who meet the qualifying criteria may also play in Club Competitions as approved by Council ( available to view on Junior Website ). A Junior/Youth Associate must have played in a minimum of three Junior Competitions to be eligible to win a prize in any of the Junior Major events.

Subject to the course being free, i.e. no competitions or society outings, Junior/Youth Associates members may play on the course, unaccompanied by an adult subject to the following section rules:

  • Junior/Youth Associates should not book online at non competition times.
  • Junior/Youth Associates are required to report to the Professional Shop before commencing play.
  • On days or parts of the day when there are no competitions running Junior/Youth Associates must give right of way on the first tee to Adult Members.
  • Junior/Youth Associates must strictly adhere to golf etiquette and give way to players behind if they are holding them up and or have fallen a hole behind those in front.
  • Junior/Youth Associates must vacate the golf course once darkness has fallen.

Outside of the Junior/Student competitions, Juniors in the beginner’s category (as defined by the Junior committee) and playing off the white markers cannot play unless accompanied by an Adult or Junior golfer who is over 15 years of age and plays off the blue markers (or Red markers in the case of Junior Girls).

Juniors under 15 years of age may not invite visitors. Invited visitors must be over 15 years of age and hold a GUI/ILGU handicap.


  • Practice on the Course is not permitted.
  • Practice pitching to Greens is not allowed.
  • When playing alone Juniors/Students are permitted to play two balls (and only two) and must play from the Tee of the Day.
  • When using the practice ground balls should only be hit in the direction of the Clubhouse.
  • When using practice ground, practice net and practice greens may be used by Junior members at any time but Juniors must give priority to adult members.  For clarity – Juniors may use the main chipping green providing no adult member wishes to use it.  The new chipping green is available for Junior members to use at all times.

Etiquette – Good Practice

Slow play is to be avoided. Juniors/Students must obey the following:

  • In the event of being 1 full hole behind the players ahead they must stand back in a safe place and allow the people behind to play through. When searching for a ball you must allow the players behind to play through.
  • Before leaving a Bunker a player must carefully smooth out all the holes made by him/her and the rake should be left in the bunker.
  • All pitch marks on the Greens must be repaired.
  • All divots must be replaced and pressed down ( except on par 3’s where filler should be used ).
  • Players must not flick the ball out of the Hole with your putter.
  • Players must not take caddy-cars on to Tees or Greens.
  • Under no circumstances is it acceptable to bang or throw clubs.


  • Junior/Youth Associates may use the areas or sections of the Clubhouse specially provided for their use as defined by Council.
  • Juniors are not allowed to sit at the bar.
  • A Junior may sit in the adult areas of the bar on the invitation of an adult member.
  • The bar must be vacated at 8pm except in circumstances where prior approval has been granted to the Junior Committee for special events or matches.
  • Junior/Youth Associates (under 18) are strictly prohibited from consuming any form of alcoholic drink in the bar or any part of the Course or Clubhouse in line with national legislation.
  • Male Junior/Youth Associates may use the locker room provided for their use. Junior’s under 16 years of age are requested not to enter or use the Men’s Locker/Shower Rooms or the toilet facilities off the locker rooms. (Male Junior’s under 16 years of age are asked to use the toilet facilities provided on the 1st floor alongside the Members bar).

Standards of Dress

  • Appropriate golf attire as defined in Club Rules/Bye Laws must be worn at all times on the course. Tracksuits or football shirts are not considered appropriate golf attire.
  • Around the confines of the Clubhouse, neat dress is essential and it should be neat and tidy and in keeping with the high standards of the Clubhouse itself.
  • The wearing of golf hats or golf caps is not permitted in the Clubhouse.
  • Footware must be worn in the Clubhouse at all times but golf shoes are not permitted to be worn within the clubhouse (with the exception of the locker room and Pro-Shop).  Golf shoes must be worn on the course ( for safety reasons ).


Club Rules & Bye Laws
Junior/Youth Associates are required to observe all Club Rules and Bye Laws. Breaches of Rules or Bye Laws will be handled in line with club governance as defined within Club Rules.

All Junior/Youth Associates will be entitled to a GUI/ILGU Club handicap on completion of three completed score cards as required by the respective golfing unions.

Snooker Room
Junior/Youth Associates may use the snooker room only if accompanied by an adult member.

Mobile Phones
Junior/Youth Associates must strictly observe guidelines for use of mobile phones in Greystones Golf Club.

Junior/Youth Associates who fail to adhere to these Junior Bye Laws and time-sheet rules may be subject to sanction.